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almost 8 years ago

Subject: Public Voting Period

Dear Tobacco- I’m Not Buying It followers,

As a reminder, the public voting phase of the Tobacco- I’m Not Buying It video contest will begin tonight, April 25th at 7pm EST. This phase of the contest will take place on YouTube and will run until May 7 at 12 noon. For those who have received a confirmation message that your video will be included in public voting, now is the perfect time to start spreading the word through your social networks and encourage others to vote for their three favorite videos. To all our challenge followers, please participate by showing support and encouragement for the Tobacco- I’m Not Buying contestants by voting and sharing the link below.

SG Video Contest: Tobacco- I’m Not Buying It Voting Instructions -

Thank you to all our contestants for their exceptional work to help make the next generation tobacco free.

Happy voting!